amy higginsHow many C level execs do you know who actively use social media? Should they use social at all? What about the rest of the staff? Are they doing the best they can to support your digital marketing efforts?

This week we’ve got Amy Higgins on the show, content and social media manager for Concur SMB and a well respected digital media strategist. We’ll talk about encouraging the c-suite to embrace (or hey, at least understand) social media and it’s value and how to enable staff in general to become brand ambassadors through social media.

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On the panel this week: Steve FarnsworthAdam Helweh and Janet Fouts. If you have questions for Amy or the panel add them in the comments and be sure to join us right here on Friday July 19 at 11 AM PST to watch the show live.


Links from this week’s show:

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2 Responses to Social Media and the C Suite with Amy Higgins

  1. Amy Higgins says:

    Would love to know if anyone has any questions! Please feel free to reply in the comments below or tweet me before the G+ #FridayHangout with your questions.

  2. Have you seen any executives hiring a personal coach/consultant, to help them with “social”? #FridayHangout